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Let me introduce!

Our beautiful Miramare Ear Studs are named after an ancient palais by the sea in Italy and it definitely gives us those dreamy summer holiday vibes! The ear studs are made from recycled 14k gold filled and carry a small gold filled shell. These ear studs will make you shine, no matter the weather! Perfect to combine with our Miramare choker, necklace and ring for the ultimate look. 


The balls of the ear studs measure 3 mm in diameter, the diameter of the stud measures 0,8 mm.


Recycled Gold Filled 

Gold Filled jewelry is made by wrapping layers of solid gold (14K, 12K, or 18K) sheets around a base metal (usually brass). Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry actually has a measurable amount of gold in it, the gold layer is much thicker. This process of layering solid gold sheets makes jewelry that does not tarnish, peel, chip or discolor. If your gold filled jewelry has ever changed color at all its usually just because of dirt build up and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is also super skin friendly and won't cause any allergic reactions on sensitive skin due to the thick layer of gold.

 Is your jewelry water proof?

We often get the question if our jewelry is water proof – YES, our jewelry is proof to normal sweet water, which is free from harming substances like chlorine or salt. That’s why you should not take it with you in the pool or sea or expose it to chemicals like shampoo or shower gel – that rule goes for any kind of jewelry which isn’t 100% solid gold. If it still happens, please wash your jewelry piece with lukewarm water and a mild soap.


Please handle your new jewellery with love and care. The materials can deform or, in the worst case, tear due to strong pulling or hanging. Please also mind to:

  • put it off when showering & washing hair with shampoo or shower gels
  • put it off when doing sports, swimming in the pool or ocean or sleeping
  • don't let it get in contact with chemicals like perfume, shampoo and also chlorine and salt water.

This will make sure you will have lots of joy with your pieces for a long time 😊

Production time

Each piece is made specially for you with lots of love. This is why it takes me up to 6 working days to prepare your order for shipping.